Probably the funniest pun in a long while (that I’ve come across anyway) was just posted by Bill Poser at the Language Log: Sarah Palin (the governor of Alaska the Republican candidate John McCain chose as his running mate for the presidential election of Nov. 2008).

I hope I may be forgiven for quoting it in full length:

What with all the controversy over Sarah Palin’s views and (lack of) qualifications to be President, as far as I can tell thus far no one has claimed that she is prone to linguistic errors. That’s really too bad. If only she would make the right sort of error, rather than the mundane bushisms we could be discussing palindromes.

I also like the last sentence of his comment (in answer to another comment): “Being allowed to make bad puns is one of the few perks that accompany a Ph.D. in Linguistics.”

Well, for my part I’d say: Being allowed to make bad puns would be one of the few incentives that could move me to write a dissertation in linguistics 😉

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