„In the shadow of the Old State Capitol, where Lincoln once called on a divided house to stand together, where common hopes and common dreams still live, I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for President of the United States,“ Obama said.

„I recognize there is a certain presumptuousness–a certain audacity–to this announcement,“ he said. „I know I haven’t spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington. But I’ve been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington must change.“
Source: Chicago Tribune

The nice thing about this page at the Chicago Tribune’s website is that you can watch Obama’s announcement speech on a small video screen (21 minutes).
The complete text of the speech can be found – as usual – at the website of the ever-trustworthy New York Times.

I must say: As much as I would like to see a woman as American president … there is so much authenticity in how Obama speaks – he sounds so honest – his rhetoric is so convincing … that I’ll gladly forget about Hillary Clinton if Obama makes it. Sometimes Barack Obama seems even too good to be true. Well, we’ll see.

It will be such a joy to have an American president again who doesn’t have to struggle with the pronunciation of „nuclear“, among many other things.


Wenn es jemanden interessiert: die zurückliegende Leistungskurs-Schulaufgabe hatte mit Barack Obamas Rede auf dem Demokratischen Parteitag zu tun, in der er John Kerry als idealen Kandidaten lobte (Juli 2004). Den Textauszug und Lösungsvorschläge zu den Fragen kann man hier einsehen:

Barack Obama: „The audacity of hope“