Stalkers Not Allowed: March 2006

a poetry blog that makes sense – thumbs up!

P.S. (Feb. 2007): The author stopped writing a couple of weeks ago. The reason is rather awkward … and sad. One has read about employees getting into trouble for writing less than flattering comments on their employer, but this … well, read for yourselves:

Long story short: a family member stumbled on to my blog. In my earlier posts I was less guarded about personal details but, really, for anyone who knew me I certainly revealed enough.

„Stalkers Not Allowed“ was not a real ‚diary‘ for me but in certain posts I bared myself. In my post about my personal religious experience, for instance.

I have personally shared with some of you how my family would react if they discovered that I was an atheist. Take those scenarios and….I was trying to come up with a joke about this but I can’t. Suffice it to say I am not in the best of spirits. We are not on the best of terms.

This in part explains why I’ve abandoned you. Another side to it is that it’s just my personality. There was something else I was dealing with before this happened and…well.

I won’t be blogging again. This is a very abrupt and paltry farewell.

Whoever you are: I wish you all the best.